Podcasting is a fundamental way you can promote your product or business, or share your ideas. However, producing a podcast is time-consuming and can be a daunting venture. Below is a list of services we can provide to assist you in your podcasting endeavor.

Consulting: From start to finish, we'll teach you the basics of what it takes to launch and maintain your podcast.

Audio File Editing: We will edit your audio file to fix as many sound hiccups as possible to make the listening experience the best it can be.

Audio File Enhancement: We will add sound effects, and select and place music beds as instructed. Additional charges may apply to cover licensing fees depending on musical selection(s).

Tags: We will record/splice in professional intro and/or outro tags to podcast episodes to introduce content and provide your copyright stamp.

Hosting Site: We will help you set up an account for your podcast through a reputable online hosting site of our choice, organize your channel and show(s), and configure your RSS feed for episode distribution to iTunes, GooglePlay-Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune-In Radio, YouTube, and other podcast delivery services.

Logo: Need a catchy logo? Our professional graphic designers will create your podcast logo to make your show stand out.

Voiceover Talent: Need a little something extra to put your podcast over the top? We can provide professional voiceover talent services to help you enhance your production.

Music Composition: Go the extra mile and have your own podcast theme song. Our professional musicians will work with you on composing a tune to enrich your show.

Marketing: Now that you've got your show up and running, you've got to promote it. We'll go over ways to get your podcast noticed through social media campaigns, press releases, and promotional interviews.

Note: We will not accept projects from clients whose aim is to promote hate or malign other individuals (living or dead), locations, events, businesses, or goods.