Carol M. Ford Productions, LLC, was established on December 26, 2018, and provides podcasting, voice over, music composition, and video production services for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Carol M. Ford is owner and CEO. Carol has nearly 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, and is Senior Director of Editorial Services and Podcasting Services for Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc. (AJJ), a health care association management and publishing firm. She has also authored several books, including Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, which details the life and career of the Hogan's Heroes star, and Golden Linings, a charity book series that raises money for animal rescues and shelters.

During her research, writing, and publication of Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, Carol became interested in radio because of Bob Crane's extensive career in broadcasting and the many individuals she met and befriended in the radio industry. She has been interviewed on television, radio, and podcasts numerous times, discussing Bob Crane and her work on her book. As owner and manager of the official campaign for Bob Crane's induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame, Carol maintains several platforms, including YouTube and SoundCloud, to showcase Bob Crane's work as a radio personality, drummer, and actor. Carol produces several podcasts of her own, including Flipside: The True Story of Bob Crane, 'Hogan's Heroes' Revue, and Ye Olde Terror Inn, with more in development.

In 2017, AJJ decided to add podcasting services for its clients. Carol successfully launched AJJ's Podcasting Services, which has flourished, first with production oversight by CMF Productions, and now by Carol in her role at AJJ.

Carol's love of radio and podcasting eventually led to the creation of Carol M Ford Productions, LLC, allowing Carol and her associates the opportunity to offer a wide variety of audio and video production services to others.