Flipside: The True Story of Bob Crane is a podcast featuring Carol M. Ford, Linda J Groundwater, and Dee Young.

Linda, Dee, and Carol will delve into their experiences of researching Bob Crane for Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, discuss their findings chapter by chapter, and share behind-the-scenes details of their journey to discovering Bob’s complete life story from those who knew him better than most.

If you think you know Bob Crane from what you’ve heard or read in the headlines, think again. You’re about to find out the real story about the Hogan’s Heroes star.

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  • This biography and podcast shed light on the real personality and history of the actor and radio pioneer, Bob Crane. 
  • Listening to these testimonials, it’s no wonder that Hogan’s Heroes remains a much-loved series from the era of classic TV. 
  • If you love Bob Crane and [are] interested in learning who he really was, I highly recommend this podcast! Truly a win right here!

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